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Queen's University

Globalization, Multilevel Governance and Democracy: Continental, Comparative and Global Perspectives

May 3-4, 2002 - Queen's University, Kingston

Panel 1 Globalization, Multilevel Governance and Democracy: Framing The Debate
  Alain Noël (Chair, Université de Montréal)    
  George MacLean (Political Science, University of Manitoba)    
  Globalization, Immigration and Governance
Howard Adelman (York University)

Internet Governance and Global Democracy
Ronald Deibert (University of Toronto)

  The Nuances of Multilevel and Global Governance
Robert O'Brien (McMaster)
Panel 2 Continental North America    
  David Haglund (Chair, Queen's University)    
  Laura MacDonald (Carleton University)    
  Governance of Continental Energy Policy
Alexander Netherton (Simon Fraser University)
  North American Security
Brian Job (University of British Columbia)

The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation: A Case Study in International Environmental Governance

Mark Winfield (Pembina Institute)

Panel 3 Comparative Dimensions  
  Jennifer Smith (Chair, Dalhousie University)    
  Kim Richard Nossal (Queen's University)    

Federal States and International Governance: Comparing Canada and Australia
Doug Brown (Queen's University)


Reconciling Globalization: The Case Study of Agricultural Biotechnology Regulation
Grace Skogstad (University of Toronto)


When Regions Go Abroad: Globalization, Nationalism and Federalism
André Lecours (Concordia)

Panel 4 Global Multilevel Governance  
  Charles Pentland (Chair, Queen's University)  
  Éric Montpetit (École Nationale D'Administration Publique)  
  The Trade Model of Multilevel Governance: Lessons from Fifty Years of Pragmatism
Michael Hart (Norman Paterson School, Carleton)
  Multilevel Governance and Democracy in Global Financial Regulation
Tony Porter (McMaster)
  Regionalization, Multilevel Governance and Globalization
Peter Leslie (Queen's University)

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