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Queen's University

Conference Materials

Below you will find materials, both papers and presentations, delivered at the 2008 Carbon Pricing and Environmental Federalism Conference.

Presentations (in PowerPoint):

Nic Rivers, Simon Fraser University:
"Federal and Provincial Climate Change Policy: Repeating Past Mistakes?"

Matthew Bramley, Pembina Institute:
"Comments on Carbon Pricing and Environmental Federalism" 

Chris Green, McGill University:
"Page, Rivers, and Climate Policy: A Comment"  

Stewart Elgie, University of Ottawa Law School
"GHG Emissions and the Constitution"

Nathalie Chalifour, University of Ottawa Law School
"Carbon Taxes and the Constitution"

Andrew Green, University of Toronto Law School
"Carbon Pricing and the WTO"

Tom Courchene and John Allan, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations
"Intergovernmental Relations and Carbon Pricing: Comparing Cap and Trade and Carbon Taxes"

Kathryn Harrison, University of British Columbia
"The Political and Institutional Requisites of Environmental Federalism"

Barry G. Rabe, University of Virginia/Brookings Institute:
"States on Steroids: The Continuing American Climate Odyssey"

Andrei Marcu, International Emissions Trading Association  
"A European Perspective"

Rick Hyndman, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
"An Industry Perspective on Carbon Emission Pricing"

Nancy Olewiler, Simon Fraser University
"Economic Perspectives" 


Bob Page, Institute for Sustainable Energy Environment and Economy/University of Calgary:
"Climate Change, Carbon Pricing, and Environmental Federalism: Setting the Context" (PDF)

Chris Green, McGill University
"Climate Change and Carbon Pricing: A Comment" (PDF)

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