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Queen's University

New Working Paper

The Orange Wave: a (re) Canadianisation of the Quebec Electorate? by François Rocher

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The political divide in Quebec has usually favoured the Bloc Quebecois. However, the 2011 federal election saw a decline in support for the Bloc Québécois, and an increase in support for the New Democratic Party. This brings forward the question as to whether Quebec has recommitted to Canadian federalism. The overall image of the Bloc Quebecois has been analyzed post-election by looking at the press analysis, at Quebec’s views of Canadian federalism, as well as by considering issues that are faced by federal parties. This survey recalls that the NDP electoral basis is fragile, and that the divide between Quebec and the federal government is an enduring factor in Canadian politics that cannot disappear overnight. This is shown by Quebec’s weak identification with Canada and loyalty to their provincial government. 

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