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SCC Working Papers

Title Paper Number Author/Editor  
 The Supreme Court of Canada: A Chronology of Change  Jonathan Aiello  Download
 Supreme Court Appointments: By Parliament, Not PM 2009 - 01  Tom Kent  Download
 Reforming the Supreme Court: The One-Court Problem and the Two-Court Solution 2009 - 02  Peter McCormick  Download
 Reforming the SCC: Rethinking Legitimacy & the Appointment Process 2009 - 03  Nadia Verrelli  Download
 Réformer le processus de nomination des juges de la Cour suprême? 2009 - 04  Andrée Lajoie  Download
 Appointment of Thomas A. Cromwell to the Supreme Court of Canada 2009 - 05  Peter W. Hogg  Download
 La légitimité de l'arbitrage constitutionnel en régime fédératif plurinational: Le cas de la Cour suprême du Canada 2009 - 06  Eugénie Brouillet and Yves Tanguay  Download
 Should Canada Have a Representative Supreme Court  2009 - 07  Lorne Sossin  Download
 The United Kingdom's New Supreme Court  2009 - 08  Alan Trench  Download
 Choosing the Deciders: The Supreme Court Nomination and Confirmation Process in the United States
 2010 - 01
 Aman L. McLeod
 The Jurisprudence of "Canada's Fundamental Values" and Appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada
 2010 - 02
 F.C. DeCoste
 The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany: A Central Player in a Federal State
 2010 - 03
 Arthur Benz and Eike-Christian Hornig
Contributions to a Coherent and Consistent Judges' Appointment Process of a Constitutional Court: The Case of the Supreme Court of Argentina  2010 - 04  Jorge O. Bercholc   Download
Intergovernmental Relations and the Supreme Court of Canada: The Changing Place of the Provinces in Judicial Selection Reform
 2010 - 05
 Erin Crandall
 Constitutional Court Appointment: The South African Process  2010 - 06
 Yonatan T. Fessha
 The Legitimacy of Constitutional Arbitration in a Multinational Federative System: The Case of the Supreme Court of Canada  2010 - 07
 Eugenie Brouillet and Yves Tanguay
The Court of Justice of the European Union: Federalizing Actor in a Multilevel System 2011 - 01 Achim Hurrelmann and Martin Manolov  Download

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