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Queen's University

Discussion Papers


Title Author/Editor  Year  
 Evaluating the Federalist Response  David Boisvert  1977  Download
 Interest Groups and Intergovernmental Relations: Language Policy Making in Canada  David Phillips  1978  Download
 Opening Statement to the Special Committee on the Constitution  Richard Simeon  1978  Download
 From Interstate to Intrastate Federalism in Canada  Alan Cairns  1978  Download
 Equal to Equal: Economic Association and the Canadian Common Market  Peter Leslie  1979  Download
 Intergovernmental Relations and the Challenges to Canadian Federalism  Richard Simeon  1980  Download
 The Association Dimension of Sovereignty-Association: A Response to the Quebec White Paper  Donald Smiley  1980  Download
 Natural Resource Revenues and Canadian Federalism: A Survey of the Issues  Richard Simeon  1980  Download
 Divided Jurisdictions over Natural Resources  Anthony Scott  1980  Download
 Delegation and Cable Distribution Systems: A Negative Assessment  Richard Schultz  1981  Download
 Conflict of Taste and Conflict of Claim in Federal Countries  Jack Mintz and Richard Simeon  1982  Download
 The Constitution and Natural Resource Revenues  John D. Whyte  1982  Download
 Organizing Intergovernmental Relations  Timothy B. Woolstencroft  1982  Download
 Unfinished Business: Aboriginal Peoples and the 1983 Constitutional Conference  Norman K. Zlotkin  1983  Download
 Senate Reform: Moving Toward the Slippery Slope  Roger Gibbins  1983  Download
 Federalism and Democratic Theory  Reginald Whitaker  1983  Download
 Bill S-31 and the Federalism of State Capitalism  Allan Tupper  1983  Download
 Federalism and Fragmentation: A Comparative View of Political Accommodation in Canada  Thomas O. Hueglin  1984  Download
 Consumer Policy in the Canadian Federal State  Nicholas R. Sidor  1984  Download
 An Elected Senate for Canada? Clues from the Australian Experience  Donald Smiley  1985  Downlaod
 National Political Parties and Regional Diversity  Robert L. Stanfield  1985  Download


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