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Canada: The State of the Federation 2006/07

Transitions: Fiscal and Political Federalism in an Era of Change

The theme of the Canada: The State of the Federation 2006/07 is "transitions." On the fiscal federalism front, the 2007 federal budget introduced the new equalization formula, essentially along the lines of the recommendations of the federally-commissioned Expert Panel on Equalization and Territorial Formula Financing. With Ontario likely to join the ranks of the "have-not" provinces, the new formula is unlikely to enjoy the longevity of the former Five-Province standard. On the federal-provincial relations front, Harper's "open federalism" and the respect for the existing divisions of power on the one hand, necessarily required a re-assessing of the role of the federal spending power. On the institutional front, an information revolution is priviliging cities, especially what have come to be called "global city regions," as the new dynamic economic drivers of growth, innovation and trade.

This volume draws upon the expertise of recognized scholars from a wide range of disciplines to focus on the historical, analytical, fiscal and political perspectives underpinning these three on-going transitions relating to equalization and fiscal imbalance more generally, to the range of approaches to reconciling the federal spending power within an open-federalism context, and to rethinking and articulating new futures for our thus-far-constitionless municipal government sector.

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