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Queen's University

Reflection Papers

Title Author/Editor  Year  
 Canada: Its Framework, Its Foibles, Its Future  Allan E. Blakeney  1988  Download
 Navigating Meech Lake: The 1987 Constitutional Accord  Clive Thomson  1988  Download
 Federal Leadership in Economic and Social Policy  Peter M. Leslie  1988  Download
 Centralization, Decentralization and Intergovernmental Competition  Albert Breton  1989  Download
 After Meech Lake: An Insider's View  Patrick J. Monahan  1990  Download
 Forever Amber: The Legacy of the 1980s for the Ongoing Constitutional Impasse  Thomas J. Courchene  1990  Download
 Does Canada Matter?  Gordon Robertson  1991  Download
 The Community of the Canadas  Thomas J. Courchene  1991  Download
 The Politics of Language  Donald J. Savoie  1991  Download
 Constitutional Commentaries: An Assessment of the 1991 Federal Proposals  Douglas Brown, Robert Young and Dwight Herperger  1992  Download
 The Myths and Symbols of the Constitutional Debate in Canada  C.E.S. Franks  1993  Download
 Integration and Fragmentation: The Paradox of the Late Twentieth Century  Guy Laforest and Douglas Brown  1994  Download
 Federalism and the Way to Peace  Daniel J. Elazar  1994  Download
 The New Face of Canadian Nationalism  Roger Gibbins  1995  Download
 Equalization on the Basis of Need in Canada  Douglas M. Brown  1996  Download

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