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Queen's University

Research Papers

Title Author/Editor  Year  
 National Citizenship and Provincial Communities: A Review of Canadian Fiscal Federalism  Peter M. Leslie  1988  Download
 Ethnonationalism in a Federal State: The Case of Canada  Peter M. Leslie  1988  Download
 L'ajustement structurel et le fédéralism canadien: le cas de l'industrie du textile et du vêtement  Denis Robert  1989  Download
 Executive Federalism: A Comparative Analysis  Ronald L. Watts  1989  Download
 Canadian Constitutional Renewal, 1968-1981: A Case Study in Integrative Bargaining  Michael B. Stein  1989  Download
 Parallel Accords: The American Precedent  Ronald L. Watts, Darrel R. Reid and Dwight Herperger  1990  Download
 A Political Economy of Federalism: In Search of a New Comparative Perspective With Critical Intent Throughout  Thomas O. Hueglin  1990  Download
 Constituent Assemblies: A Comparative Survey  Patrick Fafard and Darrel R. Reid  1991  Download
 The Design of Federalism and Water Resource Management in Canada  Steven A. Kennett  1992  Download 
 The Breakup of Czechoslovakia  Robert Young  1994  Download
 The Maastricht Model: A Canadian Perspective on the European Union  Peter M. Leslie  1995  English 
 Securing the Social Union: A Commentary on the Decentralized Approach  Steven A. Kennett  1998  Download

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