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Queen's University

Research Papers

Title Author/Editor  Year  
Research Paper 23:  National Citizenship and Provincial Communities: A Review of Canadian Fiscal Federalism  Peter M. Leslie  1988  Download
Research Paper 24:  Ethnonationalism in a Federal State: The Case of Canada  Peter M. Leslie  1988  Download
Research Paper 25:  L'ajustement structurel et le fédéralism canadien: le cas de l'industrie du textile et du vêtement  Denis Robert  1989  Download
Research Paper 26:  Executive Federalism: A Comparative Analysis  Ronald L. Watts  1989  Download
Research Paper 27:  Canadian Constitutional Renewal, 1968-1981: A Case Study in Integrative Bargaining  Michael B. Stein  1989  Download
Research Paper 28: Parallel Accords: The American Precedent  Ronald L. Watts, Darrel R. Reid and Dwight Herperger  1990  Download
Research Paper 29:  A Political Economy of Federalism: In Search of a New Comparative Perspective With Critical Intent Throughout  Thomas O. Hueglin  1990  Download
Research Paper 30:  Constituent Assemblies: A Comparative Survey  Patrick Fafard and Darrel R. Reid  1991  Download
Research Paper 31:  The Design of Federalism and Water Resource Management in Canada  Steven A. Kennett  1992  Download 
Research Paper 32: The Breakup of Czechoslovakia  Robert Young  1994  Download
Research Paper 33:  The Maastricht Model: A Canadian Perspective on the European Union  Peter M. Leslie  1995  English 
Research Paper 34:  Securing the Social Union: A Commentary on the Decentralized Approach  Steven A. Kennett  1998  Download

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