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Queen's University

LLCU 101
Beginning Language and Culture I: Mohawk I (3.0)

This course is an introduction to the study of the language and culture of the  Kanien’kehaka, the Mohawk Nation. It is especially designed for those who have never been exposed, or have had very little exposure, to Kanien’keha, the Mohawk language,  and its traditional societal practices. Participants will be provided an opportunity to not only learn some basic Mohawk language but will also gain an understanding of the richness of the Mohawk culture.

Topics in Kanien’keha will include counting, colours, weather, time, and other simple words, phrases, and commands. Also, by learning the Mohawk language phonetic sound system, participants will acquire the basic tools to read and write the Mohawk language.

The cultural component of this course will focus on examining the traditional teachings and the formation of the Nation’s political, social, and ceremonial structures from the historical to the contemporary. Examining such topics as the Creation Story, the Great Law of Peace, the Clan system, Wampum Belts, the Kanien’kehaka Ceremonial Calendar, and others.

Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this introductory course, the student will:

  •  Be able to master pronunciation of 450+ Mohawk sounds
  •  Acquire word recognition and understanding of some basic vocabulary    
  • Be able to understand & speak basic greetings & commands in the    language
  • Be able to prepare and present simple sentences
  • Have acquired some basic knowledge and understanding of Mohawk history and culture
  • Be able to recite a short version of the Thanksgiving Address


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