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Queen's University

SOSCIP at Queen's University


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Dr. Pat Martin
Area:  Health
Title:  Analytics As A Service
Abstract: Develop new tool/platform to provide infrastructure to support ultra large scale services for big data analytics. Initial target is health applications but toolkit will be applicable to other domains.
Dr. Mohammad Zulkernine
Area:  Agile
Title: Making Cloud More Secure
Abstract: Improve the security of cloud environments through the development of defense mechanisms that will audit and fix configuration-related vulnerabilities.

Dr. Mohamed Ibnkahla

Area:  Water

Title:  Real-time Drinking Water Management & Monitoring

Abstract: Creation of a real-time water data processing system to aid in water contamination alerts, ensuring enough water is supplied to the public, and to control residential water use.  

Dr. Dongmei Chen

Area:  Cities

Title:  Automatic Detection of Man-Made Objects from Image Data

Abstract: The development of a cloud-based tool that will automatically identify features (buildings, roads, forest types, etc.) from high-resolution image data for use in areas like urban planning or forest management.  


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