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Faculty Development Contacts

To use phone extensions, please dial (613) 533-6000 or 1-800-267-7837

Name Title Phone E-mail
Faculty of Arts and Science
Lisa Sykes Development Officer ext 75646 lisa.sykes@queensu.ca
Laura Costello Development Coordinator ext 78677 laura.costello@queensu.ca
Lori Murray Faculty Projects Assistant ext 77901 lori.murray@queensu.ca
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Jane McMillan Executive Director of Development 613-533-2160 jane.mcmillan@queensu.ca
Michelle Miatello Director of Development ext 75804 michelle.miatello@queensu.ca
Pat Smith Senior Development Officer ext 75931 pat.smith@queensu.ca
Lindsay Seeger Senior Development Officer ext 75985 lindsay.seeger@queensu.ca
Beth Wylie Development Officer ext 74594 beth.wylie@queensu.ca
Alaine Coschi Development Coordinator ext 79533 alaine.coschi@queensu.ca
Joanne Grills Faculty Projects Assistant ext 75248 grillsj@queensu.ca
Deborah Grills Assistant ext 36715 db19@queensu.ca
Faculty of Law
Dianne Butler Alumni Relations Coordinator ext 78471 diane.butler@queensu.ca
Viki Andrevska Development Coordinator ext 78149 andrevsk@queensu.ca
School of Business
Jeanette Hepburn Executive Director 613-533-3391  jhepburn@business.queensu.ca
Catherine Purcell Director, Principal Gifts 613-533-2890 cpurcell@business.queensu.ca
Jessica Duggan Associate Director 613-533-6164 jduggan@queensu.ca
Jen Laurette Associate Director 613-533-3411 laurette@queensu.ca
Shelley Hamill Relationship Manager 613-533-3217 hamills@queensu.ca
Alix Martin Relationship Manager  613-533-2382 am266@queensu.ca
Jennifer Nolan-Railer Relationship Manager 613-533-6264 jnolan-railer@business.queensu.ca
Laura Gawley Campaign Coordinator 613-533-3192 gawleyl@business.queensu.ca
Martha Santos Faculty Projects Assistant ext 75669 martha.santos@queensu.ca
Andrea Johnson Administrative Assistant to Executive Director ext 33014 andrea.johnson@queensu.ca
Faculty of Health Sciences
William Leacy Executive Director, Development and Partnerships ext 75446 william.leacy@queensu.ca
David Young Senior Development Officer ext 75607 david.young@queensu.ca
Lori Vanderhorden Development Coordinator ext 77323 lori.vanderhorden@queensu.ca
Athletics and Student Life
Sarah Roth Advancement Officer, Athletics and Recreation ext 77281 sarah.roth@queensu.ca
Jennifer Butchart Development Officer ext 75450 jennifer.butchart@queensu.ca
Queen's Library and Archives
School of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Education