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Initiative Campaign

Message from the Principal

Queen’s history has been written alongside Canada’s. When Canada was emerging as a nation in the 19th century, Queen’s transformed itself into a national university. When Canada was consolidating its place as a major player and peacekeeper on the world stage in the 1960s and ’70s, Queen’s became a leading research-intensive university.

Now, Queen’s has a third transformative opportunity.

We will position the University to meet not only the evolving needs of Canada, but the broader challenges of the world in the first decades of the 21st century. Queen’s will be the destination of choice for outstanding students and faculty from across Canada and around the world. Here, they will find a supportive and diverse community that is like-minded in pursuit of excellence and open-minded in views and approaches. At Queen’s that means learning through the most up-to-date methods in purpose-built facilities, working with some of the top researchers and scholars in the world and leading-edge exploration, where innovation is always at the core.

All exceptional institutions that have survived and thrived for generations have done so by actively embracing transformational change in order to flourish. The Initiative Campaign will support us in making these changes.

As Queen’s approaches 2016 — our 175th anniversary — we know where we need to go. Our community has thought carefully about how to move ahead — building on our past triumphs and current strengths, envisioning the possibilities and inspiring our people to achieve our goals. The $500-million Initiative Campaign will help us reach our potential and define Queen’s for the future.

The spirit of initiative is afoot; we are surrounded by it and, in truth, we are it.

Join us in building the Queen’s of the future.

Dr. Daniel Woolf
Principal and Vice-Chancellor