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Kerri Froc

Ensuring all Canadians have access to equal rights

PhD candidate (Law) Kerri Froc is challenging traditional understandings of constitutional rights, which have excluded women’s needs and perspectives. Section 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees rights and freedoms equally for men and women, but her research demonstrates it has either been ignored, or interpreted in a way that distorts its intended purpose.

Kerri is now conducting the first comprehensive examination of its history, interpretation and potential application with the goal of ensuring the Charter delivers on its promise of a fair, equal and democratic society for all Canadians. Her important research has been recognized with a Vanier Canada Scholarship and a Trudeau Foundation Scholarship.

By doing this research, Kerri wants to support Canadians, particularly women who would not otherwise have a voice, in transforming the way their lives are affected by law.

"I want the Charter to become a meaningful tool to improve lives and be inclusive of everyone’s interests," says Kerri. "Queen’s has enabled me to take this research to the next level. With the support of my professor and faculty we can help future lawyers look at equal rights from a different perspective."