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Dr. Praveen Jain

Cooling the planet

Dr. Praveen Jain, a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, is an internationally-acclaimed researcher whose advances in power conversion methods have improved the reliability and efficiency of power electronics for real-life applications.

Heading up ePOWER, the Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research at Queen’s, Dr. Jain holds over 40 patents. His research includes developing efficiencies in traditional power generation and consumption and alternative energies such as solar and wind power with the goal of creating new energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly power electronic technologies.

Recently, Dr. Jain and his team received approval from the Underwriters Laboratories in the U.S. and the Canadian Standards Association for a new compact microinverter that will help revolutionize the mass deployment of solar power generation throughout the planet.

“These approvals are the strongest possible endorsement of our technology,” says Dr. Jain. “While advancing technology for practical use, we train some of the best students in Canada in many skill sets to make them ready for real world experience.”

Dr. Jain has been named as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He has been recognized for his work in the advancement of high frequency power conversion technology and its use in the space, telecommunications, computer and induction melting industries.

To date, Dr. Jain has donated all his patent royalties to Queen’s. “Lots of people have helped me throughout my career and it is my privilege to give back,” says Dr. Jain.