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Queen’s students are more than just very bright. They personify initiative. They come here eager to be inspired, to learn, to think and do. Exceptional students are the cornerstone of our vision, and we want to continue to attract, support and graduate the very best – no matter where they come from, and no matter their financial means.

To do so, we must dramatically increase our merit- and needs-based assistance for students across all programs and all years. We must be prepared to give qualified students – regardless of their financial circumstances – the ability and the incentive to choose Queen’s.

The Initiative Campaign is striving to raise funds for both faculty-specific and campus-wide student assistance. 

Highlighted Priorities

Queen's Student Financial Assistance Fund

Our priority is to increase dramatically our merit- and need-based assistance for students from all programs and years.

We want a student population that reflects the diversity of Canada. We want the Queen’s experience to be open to qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. We must be prepared to give them the ability and incentive to choose us.

Smith School of Business: Developing Leaders – $23 Million

To provide our students with unparalleled opportunities and experiences that guide their development into successful leaders.

Student Scholarships and Bursaries: Outstanding students are a cornerstone of our success. However, the battle to attract the best and brightest students has grown more competitive. This is becoming more challenging because of two areas in which we are not as competitive as our peers: bursaries and scholarships. We need to ensure that exceptional students may attend Queen’s Commerce regardless of their ability to pay. For many top students, an offer of financial support is the deciding factor in the selection of a top business school. We also need to attract the best students from around the world to the Queen’s MBA program through competitive scholarships. Regardless of the program, high-quality students raise the bar on discussion and debate, contributing value to the entire school.

Your investment will ensure Smith School of Business continues to diversify, reward academic excellence and address financial need.

Providing Leadership Opportunities: Smith School of Business has always been a leader in creating hands-on learning opportunities for our students. Team-based working and leadership skills are key success factors in the workplace. At Smith, we have numerous opportunities for teams of students to function just as they would in the workplace, drawing on the diverse skills and experiences from all team members. Four initiatives deserve special recognition: the Queen’s University Investment Council, the Queen’s University Alternative Assets Fund, the Centre for Business Venturing and the Centre for Social Impact.

Your investment in this area will enable Smith School of Business to enhance and expand hands-on learning opportunities for our students.

School of Graduate Studies: Graduate Leadership & Achievement Awards – $6 Million

Queen’s graduate students are deeply embedded in our research initiatives across all disciplines and departments, and they provide a critical corps of mentors who are inspiring the next generation. Because discovery isn’t limited by borders, and we have internationalization as part of our curriculum, it is to Queen’s benefit that our graduate students take part in international exchanges and global research whenever possible.

Graduate Leadership and Achievement Awards will provide travel and subsistence support for domestic doctoral students who embark on exchanges, or who engage in multinational research thereby strengthening their research and training and helping Queen’s build international partnerships.

Athletic Awards – $4 Million

Queen’s Athletics & Recreation seeks to be the destination of choice for student-athletes who excel in both academics and athletics. The landscape for university sport is dynamic. Competition to recruit Canada’s best student-athletes is fierce and top-performing student-athletes are vital to top-performing teams. An athletic award helps Queen’s recruit the best and most promising student-athletes by providing students with a means to offset their direct costs of tuition, fees and other expenses. More athletic awards are needed to attract the best students and compete for podium placements. With your support, our athletes can focus on their pursuit of athletic and academic excellence.

*For additional student-assistance opportunities within a particular faculty, please refer to that faculty's "priorities" page.