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Initiative Campaign

Becoming the Destination for Exceptional People

Since March 7, 1842, when the first 13 students took their seats in a Queen’s University classroom, Queen’s has been a destination for exceptional people. Times have changed, but the quintessence of the Queen’s student remains unchanged. Bright, motivated, eager to push limits, advance ideas, and change the world, our students come to Queen’s to prepare themselves for a world full of uncertainty and possibility.

Throughout the Initiative Campaign, you committed to securing Queen’s place as the destination of choice for exceptional undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars from across Canada and around the world.

The goal:

  • Increase the number of scholarships and bursaries in order to open the Queen’s experience to qualified students, no matter where they come from and regardless of their financial circumstances.
  • Create exceptional support and financial assistance packages to attract top-calibre graduate students.

The impact:

  • 249  new undergraduate merit-based scholarships
  • 294  new undergraduate needs-based scholarships
  • 82 new assistance packages specifically for graduate students
  • 25 new initiatives for international students

Stories of generosity: