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QICSI Company Profiles

Since its launch in 2012, the QIC Summer Initiative has allowed two hundred undergraduate students to develop a wide variety of companies, everything from financial technology instruments to medical devices.We look forward to continuing to support the QICSI graduates and their ventures into the future. Check out some of the active ventures from each cohort below!

2015 Ventures

Iris Technologies


Iris Technologies is addressing the negative health consequences LCD screens cause for individuals who suffer from specific medical conditions or who spend a long period of time working at LCD monitors. The solution that Iris is providing is a substitute screen that causes fewer negative health repercussions by using e-paper technology, which is found in devices such as e-readers. 

Iris Technologies Logo

Scarlet Smart Fashion


Scarlet Smart Fashion is a brand that combines smart technology, functionality and style to provide simple yet powerful solutions for the busy modern professional. A major focus of Scarlet is to integrate technology into products to simplify and empower the lifestyles of customers. Scarlet’s brand exemplifies the passion, innovation, quality and beauty that it commits to its designs. 

Scarlet Smart Fashion Logo

Atria Fitness


Atria Fitness is a mobile application that will pay people to workout. The app uses group accountability and monetary incentives to motivate people to get fit. People can workout on their own, or join group campaigns on the app to raise money for a cause of their choice. 

Atria Logo



With the global population expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, conventional livestock production no longer has the ability to feed the world in an environmentally sustainable way. Gryllies’ solution is to harvest crickets as a future-friendly protein source that can be integrated seamlessly into the traditional North American diet.

Gryllies Products

LUMOS Energy Strips


LUMOS Energy Strips deliver an innovative solution to an everyday problem: tiredness. Conventional energy solutions are high calorie, high volume, and often high cost. LUMOS has created a thin strip containing naturally-sourced caffeine that dissolves in a person’s mouth for a quick boost equivalent to half a cup of coffee. 

Lumos Energy Strips Logo

2014 Ventures

Mosaic 3D Printer Addition

Mosaic Manufacturing


Mosaic Manufacturing has created a stand-alone device that attaches to a 3D printer and allows for even and clean printing in colour. Mosaic gained 464 backers and $231,803 CAD in their Kickstarter campaign in 2015, and are now shipping their product. 

Cleanslate UV Scanner

Limestone Labs


Limestone Labs has developed a device that disinfects your cell phone in 30 seconds using ultraviolet light, for use in hospitals, clinics, and seniors’ homes, to prevent the spread of infection. Limestone Labs won $500k USD in 2015 at 43North, the world's biggest business pitch competition, beating out nearly 11,000 applicants. 

Givway and Co Logo

Givway & Co.


Givway & Co. is a backpack company with a “Sell one, Give one” model, where for every backpack sold, a backpack is given to a person in need in the local community. The Givway founders source, create and distribute their product as locally as possible. 

Scent Trunk Women Product Sample

Scent Trunk


Scent Trunk is a subscription-based e-commerce retailer that selects and delivers a personalized selection of premium cologne miniatures each month, chosen based on the preferences, lifestyle and constraints of their customers. 

2013 Ventures

Northwood Sunglasses


Northwood is crafting sunglasses made from local woods, stone, and hemp fibre. Crafted in Canada in small-batches, they’re making some of the strongest and most eco-friendly sunglasses ever seen.

Northwood Sunglasses

2012 Ventures

Listn Logo


Listn, acquired by Beatport in 2014 in a high seven figure deal, connects people through music by enabling users to browse each other’s music collection, whether they are best friends or strangers.