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Queen's University

Academics Not Requiring Work Permits


Citizens of certain countries require a visa and biometrics to enter Canada.
Please check this web site for a list of visa countries:

Check here for information on biometrics:

1) Academic Consultants

(appraise or evaluate academic programs including videos, provide consultation strictly on academic matters, advise on the appropriateness of hiring a Dean for a faculty with an existing vacancy)

Documentation required

for categories 1,2,3

2) Academic Examiners

(eminent individuals who direct the studies and review the work done by scholars under their tutelage, review the thesis and papers prepared by those scholars)

  • proof of citizenship
  • letter of invitation 
  • visa if required










In addition to above:

  • evidence of financial support  for the length of stay requested
  • proof of work in a field related to the invitation
  • proof of PhD

3) Public Speakers

(address a particular convention, graduation, dinner or similar function; seminar leaders who deliver a paper or information during a seminar, workshop or other related teaching or research activity; commercial speakers who sell tickets)

Limited entry for no longer than 5 days.

 4) Self Funded Researcher

(will be conducting research activities in their field of study, has autonomous funding other thana research award, no displacement of Canadian or Permanent Resident workers, no employer-employee relationship with the university, no remuneration to either the researcher or the university for the research)


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