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Queen's University

Certificate Components

The International Studies program consists of 30.0 units, structured as follows:

  • Language-acquisition credits: 18.0 units in at least two languages other than English. At least 6.0 units must be obtained in each of the languages, and at least 6.0 units at a higher level in one of them. At least 12.0 of the 18.0 units must be completed at Queen’s or receive specified transfer credit.

  • 6.0 interdisciplinary units, selected from:

    • IDIS 302/3.0 (Race and Relations)
    • INTS 306/3.0 (Culture, Identity and Self - formerly IDIS 306/3.0)
    • INTS 307/3.0 (Intercultural Relations - formerly IDIS 307/3.0)
    • INTS 321/3.0 (Urban Images: Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Imagined City)
    • LLCU 320/3.0 (Fascism in Europe from Napoleon to Hitler - formerly INTS 320/3.0)
    • LLCU 322/3.0 (Conflict and Culture: Literature, Law and Human Rights - formerly INTS 322/3.0), 
    • LLCU 326/3.0 (Labours of Film in the New Europe - formerly INTS 326/3.0)
    • LLCU 327/3.0 (Sickness and Health - Cultural Representations in Medical Discourse)
    • and/or further language-acquisition credits (in either of the two languages above or in a third language)


    LLCU course descriptions are on the LLCU departmental website.

  • Minimum of one term of study abroad: The study abroad component may be fulfilled through any of the following study abroad opportunities: the Bader International Study Centre (Herstmonceux Castle); a Queen's University international student exchange program; direct enrolment in a university outside of Canada; or, a study abroad program accredited by a recognised university. Please note that the following conditions apply to the study abroad component:

    • Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle

      First-Year Program: Successful completion of minimum of 24.0 units at the BISC; OR,

      Upper-Year Program: Successful completion of at least 6.0 units at the BISC, involving studies in a British or European context;

    • Other study abroad options

      6.0 transfer units obtained for work successfully completed either at one of the University’s exchange partner institutions or by direct enrolment in a university outside of Canada or during a study abroad program accredited by a recognized university. The course(s) offered for the 6.0 study-abroad units must demonstrate academic benefit derived especially from the experience of studying abroad and will usually incorporate a regional, cultural, or comparative cultural perspective.

In order to avoid disappointment, students are strongly encouraged to seek approval of their proposed courses before they depart for their study abroad term.

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