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Language Component

I have completed 6.0 100-level units in Spanish, 6.0 100-level units in Japanese, and 6.0 200-level units in French. Do I meet the language requirements for the Certificate, or must I have 12.0 units in one foreign language?

Provided that at least 12.0 of your language units are Queen's units, or are assessed as specified units by a language department at Queen's, you meet the language requirements for the Certificate. The International Studies program requires that students complete 18.0 units in two languages other than English. This demonstrates that you have achieved intermediate proficiency (at least 6.0 200-level units or higher) in one language, and basic proficiency (at least 6.0 100-level units) in a second language. Two foreign languages are enough for many students, but you are welcome to meet the Certificate requirements with credit combinations that include more than two languages.

While on exchange in the Netherlands, I completed a course in Dutch. Can I count this course toward the Language Component?

Yes. We recognize that many of our students may opt to take conversational language courses which are intended to help visiting students orient themselves in their host country and interact with their host society. Since we do not have academic departments at Queen's for every possible language, Arts and Science now offers students the option to count these units as LANG P10/3.0, P11/3.0, 120/3.0 or 121/3.0 (see page 168). These language credits can be counted towards the Certificate language component. The language credits must be assessed by the International Programs Office in order to receive the credit.

I already speak a second language. Can you waive part of the language requirements on the basis of my existing language ability?

No. The Certificate program has been approved by Senate as a formal program option offered by Queen's University. As a result, the academic requirements for the Certificate must be strictly enforced. The Certificate is like a minor concentration, but one which is also open to students enrolled in other concentrations. You must complete 30.0 university units, 18.0 of which must be in at least two languages other than English.

For the same reason, we are unable to award the Certificate based on language courses taken at the secondary school/high school level.

I already have 12.0 units in French. I am planning to travel to Spain this summer, and hope to get 6.0 transfer units in Spanish. Will this count toward the Certificate?

Probably, but you should consult with the appropriate language department at Queen's in advance in order to confirm the level of credit that you will receive for a particular course. Regardless of where you complete your language courses, you must achieve intermediate proficiency (at least 6.0 200+ units) in at least one language, and basic proficiency (at least 6.0 100-level units) in a second language.

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