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International Programs Office

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Costs and Funding

  • Students pay tuition and student activity fees at the home university (i.e., Queen's).
  • $200 exchange program fee
  • Students are personally responsible for:
    • Transportation to and from the partner university
    • Food and lodging at the partner university
    • Any additional travel undertaken while away

For additional living costs, students should consult the partner profiles and/or talk to past participants of the exchange program.

Financing Your Exchange

Exchange Bursary Application (recommended)

There are a limited number of Bursaries for exchange students. All applicants wishing to apply for a Bursary should complete the application form which can be found online on the Student Awards website and submit to the Student Awards Office by the published deadline. Successful applicants will then be considered by the Student Awards Office for financial assistance. The cost of living in each exchange destination is factored into the selection process so even if you do not normally qualify for bursaries in Canada, you may qualify for an exchange bursary where the cost of living in your host country may be higher.

OSAP/Government Loans

As full-time students, exchange students are eligible for OSAP and other government loans. For students receiving OSAP loans, a Confirmation of Enrollment form should be completed. For OSAP and all other student loans, a Power of Attorney should be arranged before leaving the country. Students should consult the Student Awards website for more information about this process.


Students can hold renewable entrance awards while on the exchange program. On their return, an official record of their academic performance must be submitted to the Student Awards Office to enable the committee to evaluate their performance for renewal of their scholarship for the following year. After the completion of their exchange year, students are also eligible to apply for the Dean's Special Scholarships for Students Returning from Exchange. Details can be obtained from the Student Awards Office.

See "Financing Learning Abroad" for more information.

All domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents) will be required to apply for government student financial assistance in order to be considered for exchange (or BISC) bursary assistance. Generally a student will be expected to have qualified for at least $5,000 of government student assistance.

Please ensure that you are aware of any impact studying abroad may have on pre-existing bursaries or scholarships, and that you familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria of the awards listed before applying.