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Returning from Exchange

Please ensure you read the following carefully to ensure you receive academic credit for courses taken while on exchange.

Transfer Credit

Upon your return, you are required to submit detailed course descriptions to the International Programs Office in order to facilitate your transfer credits

  • Use the Exchange Credit Approval Form to detail course information and attach to it the syllabus for each course you successfully completed
  • These forms will be sent to the relevant undergraduate chair and will assist this person in making fast and accurate assessments

Transcripts are automatically forwarded to the IPO by the host institution for students participating on a formal Queen’s University exchange program.

After assessing the transfer credits, the IPO will forward the host institution’s official transcript together with a Statement of International Transfer Credits to the Office of the University Registrar at Queen’s.

You will be provided, at no cost, with:

  • A photocopy of the Statement of International Transfer Credits
  • Stamped and signed photocopy of the transcript. A stamp reading ʺThis is a certified true copy of an original documentʺ will be followed by the signature of a member of the IPO staff and a second stamp reading ʺInternational Programs Office, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada".

Please note that, because of provincial privacy legislation effective 1 September 2008, neither the IPO nor the Office of the University Registrar is authorized to retain a copy of the host institution’s official transcript; therefore, no further copies of the transcript can be provided.

Students who anticipate a future need for an original official transcript from the host institution are strongly advised to obtain extra copies from the host institution during their stay. In most cases, this will be easier to arrange in person rather than by later correspondence. If students do need to order a transcript upon returning to Queen’s, they should read the procedures for each institution.

Volunteer Opportunities

Just because you're back at Queen's doesn't mean your exchange experience has come to an end!

There is a wide range of opportunities to further your international experience while at Queen’s. You may choose to be a peer advisor for students interested in applying for exchange or an international buddy to new students arriving from all over the world. An abundance of opportunities are offered by the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) and the IPO.

IPO Opportunities

The IPO typically advertises for one paid work-study student to work for the full academic year, with preference going to students who have been on exchange. Returning students will be emailed before or at the start of the Fall semester. Full details of the work-study scheme are available through Student Awards. We also run Exchange Connect! which is an opportunity for prospective exchange students to meet with both students who have been overseas on exchange and students who are currently at Queen's on exchange. Returning exchange students will be emailed with details of this volunteer opportunity.

The IPO also recruits volunteers for the Peer Advising Program, which is designed to give returning students an opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience to students interested in applying for exchange.

ASUS Opportunities

Founded in 2008, the ASUS (Arts and Science Undergraduate Society) Exchange Buddies Program offers Queen’s students the chance to pair up with students arriving to Queen’s from all over the world. More information about this program can be found by emailing ASUS also looks for student leaders to participate in NEWTS week.

QUIC Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at QUIC allows you to form new friendships and share your international knowledge and experience. A detailed description of volunteer opportunities with QUIC can be found on the QUIC website, but include:

  • Country representative program 
  • English Language
  • Support International Resource Library
  • Pre-departure orientation sessions
  • Volunteer hosts
  • Photo contest
Share Your Experience

We would love to hear from you if you have a photo, story, or video to share. Come by the IPO during office hours or email to tell us about your experience!


  • Please bear in mind that submissions will be used for promotional purposes and should reflect the values and aims of Queen’s University
  • Submissions should depict academic or culturally relevant activities, that illustrate the program you were on
  • Photos should be 300 d.p.i (dots per inch) resolution (but this is not critical - making sure that the photos are in-focus and well-lit is more important)
  • Videos should be in .AVI, .MP4 or .MOV formats
  • Testimonials should be sent as Word or Text files (if possible, please send a photo of yourself with the testimonial)


  • Download the submission form below and fill it in
  • Return the form, along with your submissions, to
  • For photos and videos: indicate when they taken, where, and for submissions, what program you were on (exchange, archaeology dig)
  • Submissions should be sent electronically (see file formats above)

Media Release Form (PDF, 60KB)

If you would like to share content but have other terms you would like to use (for example a Creative Commons license), please attach the appropriate documentation specifying how the content may be used, to your submission.