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Queen's University

Appointment Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must qualify for employment authorization in the United Kingdom.

Applicants with strong teaching records in a subject area related to courses offered at the BISC may apply. Full-time or part-time university faculty members on leave or sabbatical, recently retired faculty members still actively engaged in their disciplines, post-doctoral fellows, or doctoral candidates in the final stages of their program may be considered as applicants. Applicants who do not qualify in one of the above categories will not normally be considered.

Queen's University is committed to employment equity and welcomes applications from all qualified women and men, including visible minorities, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, gay men and lesbians.

In view of the institutional role of the BISC within the University, and in acknowledgment of the distinctive nature of the BISC learning environment, overall staffing priorities include the selection of: instructors with strong professional qualifications and of demonstrated academic excellence; an appropriate mix of Canadian and international instructors; an appropriate mix of instructors from a variety of universities; an appropriate gender mix; and an appropriate balance of experience levels among instructors.


Teaching opportunities are normally advertised through

An application to teach a specific course at the BISC must include full documentation, as follows:

  • A cover letter outlining any previous teaching experience in a residential academic setting, as well as prior experience in utilizing field studies;
  • A complete curriculum vitae;

Hiring Process

Hiring decisions for arts, humanities and social science courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science are jointly made by the Associate Dean (International) of the Faculty and the Executive Director of the BISC. Hiring decisions for business courses are subject to the approval of the Dean of the School of Business and for law courses to that of the Dean of the Faculty of Law. Overall co-ordination of the hiring process in the Faculty of Arts and Science is the responsibility of the Associate Dean (International), in conjunction with the Executive Director of the BISC.

In the hiring process of instructors for courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science, applications in each discipline will be reviewed first by the Head of the respective Department, who will provide in writing a non-numerical ranking of candidates in three groups ("excellent," "acceptable," "unacceptable"), along with the rationale for the rankings, for each appointment. The Associate Dean (International) and the Executive Director of the BISC will select a candidate in light of the Head's ranking by groups and the overall hiring priorities listed above.


Appointments to teach at the BISC are the responsibility of the Executive Director of the BISC, who will send an official letter of appointment to each appointee to a teaching position at the BISC. This letter will outline the terms of employment and must be acknowledged in writing by the appointee.


Where possible, classes with over 30 students are divided into sections and the stipend per term for teaching each section is currently £3,000. Appointments are contingent upon a minimum enrolment of 6 students in courses, and should a course be cancelled due to lack of students, a cancellation fee of £200 for any preparation of course work would be paid, or directed enquiries may be agreed at a payment of £500 per student.

Instructors are allocated an office (possibly shared), and should make at least 2-3 office hours a week available to their students for any problems, tutorials or discussion.

Instructors normally resident outside the UK are expected to reside at the BISC for the duration of their employment. Accommodation, including meals, is provided in Bader Hall and the David Smith Hall at a nominal charge of £210 per month. Overnight full-board accommodation is also available, on teaching days, to UK faculty teaching at the BISC, at a nominal charge of £10.50 per day or £210 per month. Additional meals are available on teaching days at a cost of £1.20 per meal if paid through Payroll in advance or £2.40 per meal if bought at Castle Reception on the day.


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