Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Administrative Systems Steering Committee

The purpose of the ASSC is to focus on operational support requirements, new project proposals, active projects oversight, and enterprise planning for all administrative systems at Queen's University.


  1. Enterprise Planning
    • Review new project proposals for alignment with strategy and assessment criteria
    • Approve priorities for new administrative systems work
    • Recommend resource allocation and funding for new projects to ORC/VPOC
    • Facilitate consistent and planned integration of information systems and data
  2. Project Oversight
    • Monitor progress and status of scope, timeline and cost measurements of new projects
    • Assess benefits realization of new administrative systems projects
    • Approve terms of reference for working groups and project steering committees
  3. Operations Support
    • Provide guidance to ongoing administrative systems operations and support
    • Review impacts of system changes to campus policies and administrative procedures
    • Monitor staff implications of information system socialization (change management, training, and union issues)


The Administrative Systems Steering Committee will meet monthly. Based on the number of outstanding project proposals and prior to significant go-lives, the committee may meet more often. Committee members cannot delegate their role to a subordinate. The meeting is chaired by the VP Finance and Administration and the CIO prepares the agenda. A comprehensive review of priorities will happen at least annually to help prepare for budgets and annual plans.


Membership on the ASSC includes:

Caroline Davis, VP Finance and Administration Voting (Chair)
Bo Wandschneider, CIO & AVP Information Technology Voting (Agenda)
Laeeque Daneshmend, Deputy Provost Voting
John Metcalfe, Registrar Voting
Donna Janiec, AVP Finance Voting
Al Orth, AVP HR Voting
John Witjes, AVP Operations & Facilities Voting
Karina McInnis, Research Services Voting
Steve Hornsby, Advancement Voting
Megan Sheppard, Budget Office Voting
Steve Tanner, Business Officer Voting
Susan Mumm, Faculty Dean Voting
Heather Woermke, Controller Voting
Kathryn Brohman, Faculty Representative Voting
Tracy Jenkin, Faculty Representative Voting
Shaun Cahill, Project Manager, Project Portfolio Office Non-voting
Joseph Choi, Internal Audit Non-voting
Nancy Owen, Associate Director, Enterprise Solutions Non-voting


Stewardship of this Committee applies to all administrative systems and technologies developed and managed at the University.  This scope applies to any system, not just systems within the mandate of the Information Technology Services department.

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