Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Faculty Advisory Committee

The FAC is being formed by ITServices to provide a forum for Queen's faculty members to share their concerns and priorities about IT@Queen's.  The Committee discusses current and new IT initiatives and is mandated to develop a report each year and to present this to ITS management.  ITS management in turn responds to the report to answer faculty concerns and to continue the communication process.


  1. Provide a forum for dialogue between faculty and the IT programs/service providers on campus.
  2. Annually review IT related programs and services used by faculty, for teaching, research and administration.
  3. Assess and recommend changes or additions to programs and services for the future.
  4. Submit an annual report including the review and recommendations of ISAT-FAC
  5. Provide feedback on new or potential services and technologies.
  6. Liaise with ISAT_SAC with one overlap meeting per year to share student and faculty perspectives


  • ITServices - Chair & Vice/Past Chair (2 staff)
  • ITServices - CIO (1 staff)
  • Faculty of Arts and Science  (2 faculty)
  • Faculty of Education (1 faculty)
  • Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (1 faculty)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (1 faculty)
  • Faculty of Law (1 faculty)
  • School of Business (1 faculty)
  • Library (1 librarian)
  • Society of Graduate and Professional Students (1 student)
  • Faculty IT Director/Manager (1 staff)


  • Meetings will be convened monthly, when possible, during the Fall and Winter terms.  Dates for future meetings will be established at the beginning of each term.
  • Quorum – A quorum shall at all times consist of a majority of members.  All questions shall be resolved by a majority of the members present.
  • Minutes – Minutes will be taken by an ITS staff member at all meetings and will include a summary of the major items discussed.  These will be posted on the web and used to help develop the final report.

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