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Web Content Accessibility Review


In addition to raising awareness for web accessibility via workshops and courses, ITServices is happy to offer advice to departments and faculties regarding their websites. ITServices will, upon request, perform a review of a Queen's University website and provide an accessibility report to the requesting department/faculty.

Getting Started

Who Can Have It?

  •  Departments and faculties with a Queen's University Website


Are There Any Costs?

  • Costs vary depending on the category of accessibility review
  • See the Additional Information section below for details


How Do I Get It?

  • If you are interested in having an accessibility review of your website, please let us know by sending an email to .

Additional Information

Our accessibility reviews can be categorized as follows:


Bronze Accessibility Review ($85)


The Bronze review is designed to review 5 pages within a website. It is recommended that the majority of the reviewed pages be prominent pages on the site; however, it's also a good idea to review pages that may have extra functionality (example: web forms, large tables, Ajax or dynamic pop-ups, etc). Although this review does not produce a comprehensive accessibility evaluation of the reviewed website, it does provide a good starting point for determining major accessibility issues.


Some of the things ITServices will test while reviewing the pages are:

  • Valid code
  • Proper use of images
  • Ensuring form elements are accessible
  • Proper use of tables
  • Semantic HTML
  • Consistent layout
  • Colour Contrast
  • Captioning / Transcription

    Silver Accessibility Review ($510)


    The Silver review focuses on 10 pages within a website. This review will consist of the same testing completed with the Bronze review with the addition of a few more tests.


    Some of the additions to this review compared to the bronze are:

    • Check for Skip Navigation
    • Ensuring form validation is accessible
    • Ensuring hyperlinks are descriptive
    • Proper reading order
    • Keyboard accessibility
    • Screen Reader testing


    The Silver review produces a much more comprehensive evaluation regarding the accessibility of a website compared to the Bronze review. By reviewing pages using a screen reader and going through additional testing, ITServices will gain a better idea of the website's usability. In addition, since many assistive technologies emulate a keyboard, ensuring the website is fully keyboard accessible is a big step in ensuring the site is accessible and usable.


    Gold Accessibility Review ($85/hour)


    The Gold review is an open-ended accessibility review, meaning that it is completely flexible. The review will be customized to meet the needs of the requesting department/faculty. ITServices will meet with the requesting department/faculty to determine the level of testing and the amount of content to be reviewed prior to the start of the review.

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