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Title:Upcoming Network outages Dec. 27 - 28 *Update*

Planned upgrades hit an unforseen circumstance and progress was rolled back to the status quo. Rescheduling is in progress

Previous Description (2011-12-20 13:30:31):

Affected services in the Dupuis Data Centre include Peoplesoft, email, webservices, Portal, UIS applications, dhcp, Oracle calendar, moodle and Wiki. Also affected are servers including The Arc, Advancement, Civil Engineering, Economics and the School of Business.

Previous Description (2011-12-19 10:19:25):

ITServices staff will be performing network upgrades and maintenance during the holiday shutdown, Dec 27 and 28.
The following groups and services will have their network physical links and routing upgraded on Dec 27 from 0745h to 1200H. Specific outages will be brief;
- HPCVL, Innovation Park, CMC and People Soft test environment
- All services hosted in the Dupuis Data Centre
- Dial-in network access
Once the above is complete, staff will also be changing network routing until 1600h. These changes should present as momentary network slowness.
On Dec. 28 staff will continue to perform maintenance and upgrades. These changes are not expected to cause network outages.
Publish Date:December 27, 2011, 3:31 pm
Contact:IT Support Centre