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Title:MalwareBytes Falsely Identifies Ida as Infected
Description:Sometime after early December, MalwareBytes (version 1.60.1) began to falsely identify one of Ida's files (packages.icl) as being infected with "Spyware.Passwords". MalwareBytes would then quarantine the "infected" file. The effect to the end-user was that all the software icons would be missing in Ida's interface. Upon a subsequent Ida server check, the file would be restored and all would be well... until the next MalwareBytes scan was run.

This happened in January of 2011 as well â we contacted Malwarebytes and they updated their definitions database. We have contacted them again and sent them several copies of logs with the issue but they have been unable to replicate it in their labs. They recommend updating the database (In Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: 'Update' tab -> click 'Check for Updates' .) and then rebooting the PC. This has resolved the issue in our testing. If it does not fix the problem please report it to Team Ida by sending an e-mail to ida at (replace at with @)

For further information regarding Malwarebytes, visit .
Publish Date:February 3, 2012, 11:58 am
Contact:IT Support Centre