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Title:Email Configuration Changes May Be Required for Printers/Scanners/Photocopiers
Description:Many departments have printers/scanners/photocopiers/etc that have the useful ability to mail scanned images. The mail function for such devices will potentially fail when the legacy JES mail servers are finally shut down later this month. (The tentative date for this shutdown is Tuesday, April 23.)

The technical details are that the device should be configured to use for SMTP. That setting will not break if the server has to be moved again in the future. If the device insists on having an IP address, set it to

Your devices can be reconfigured now.

If your department has such a device and you are unsure how to proceed, please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours or by filling out the online help form
Publish Date:April 12, 2013, 3:24 pm
Contact:IT Support Centre