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Title:Planned TSM Service Maintenance *Update*

**TSM Service is Restored**
The database issues have been resolved with the help of the vendor. The TSM service is back up and running.

Previous Description (2013-10-04 14:16:11):


**TSM Restore Issues Continue**
ITServices is continuing to work with IBM support to resolve database problems with TSM. Until we can resolve the issue the service will be down. We will continue to update the notification until the service has been restored.

Previous Description (2013-10-03 23:43:29):


**TSM update taking longer than expected**
The TSM database required a restore and will take most of Friday Oct 4th to complete. No backup or restores will be possible while this is happening.

ITServices Apologizes for the inconvenience and will update this notification when the system is able to accept connections again.

Previous Description (2013-10-01 14:34:33):

System Name: TSM for personal computers (TSM Dupuis)

Services Affected: Backup and Restore operations for TSM-Dupuis clients. This is mainly personal computers and a few servers.

Maintenance Timeline: Thursday Oct 3rd 5pm-12am

Details: The TSM server will be upgraded to the latest version. Users will see no changes to their TSM clients after the upgrade and no action is needed. While the TSM server is being upgraded clients will not be able to connect to the TSM server to either backup or restore data.
Publish Date:October 4, 2013, 4:49 pm
Contact:IT Support Centre