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Information Technology Services

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Title:Security notice: Blackshades malware
Description:This notification is an alert about malware known as "Blackshades," which is being used by hackers to remotely access personal computers and monitor users for extortion purposes. The malware can be used to turn on a computer's webcam, listen through its microphone and steal information.

To prevent against this threat, all members of the Queen's community should take the following recommended actions:

- Always make sure your computer is fully patched and all software is up to date.
- Regularly run virus and malware scans.
- Make sure you are using strong passwords, and never reuse the same password for multiple accounts.
- Do not open email or attachments from unknown sources.

You can find information on how to tell if your computer is infected on the FBI website:

For more information, see this news story:
Publish Date:May 23, 2014, 1:29 pm
Contact:IT Support Centre