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Title:Microsoft Word Vulnerability - Action May Be Required
Description:Microsoft recently acknowledged that a zero-day vulnerability existed in all current versions of Microsoft Office. Since that time, they have released an update to address the problem. Running Windows Update will download and install the required patch. If your system is managed, this update will be installed automatically.

Users are advised to follow the below recommendations:

- Always keep your system and antivirus up-to-date.
- Do not open or download any suspicious files.
- Enable the Office Protected View (found in Office App â File â Options â Trust Center âTrust Center Settings) feature as this will help protect you when opening any Office document.
- Regularly backup your files or store files to a storage system that includes backup.
- Disabling Macros (also found in Trust Centre) helps protect you against malicious attacks.
- Always beware of phishing emails, spams, and clicking the malicious attachment.

Please contact the IT Support Centre at (613)533-6666 if you have any questions.
Publish Date:April 13, 2017, 3:50 pm
Contact:IT Support Centre