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Information Technology Services

ITS Notification Item

Title:Spear Phishing Targeting Financial Staff
Description:Please forward this notification to administrative and financial staff in your unit.

ITS has verified that a spear phishing email is making the rounds at Queen's. The From: name is "Daniel Woolf," but the email address shows that the email was sent from an external email account. The message identified the recipient by name and to date have targeted staff with financial responsibilities.

The email is socially engineered:
⢠to start a discussion by asking a question (Are you in today?)
• to build trust that you are conversing with the sender (in this case Daniel Woolf)
• and did have a sense of urgency (Need it sent today via express)

If this is a targeted campaign, we may see additional emails from varied addresses.
Please review our phishing website for assistance in identifying phishing attacks.

Report all phishing email to
For further help contact the IT Support Centre.
Publish Date:May 17, 2017, 3:35 pm
Contact:IT Support Centre