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Title:OneDrive for Business File Type exclusions
Description:With the recent upsurge in ransomware attacks, ITS has taken additional steps to secure your data in Office 365.

If you are using the new OneDrive for Business client, certain file types will be
prevented from syncing to Office 365. Specifically, these file types are associated
with ransomeware and indicate the file(s) have been affected by the malware.

At this time, the file types affected by this change are .wcry, .wncry and .no_more_ransomware.
As we become aware of other file types, we will update the list in the "Limits" section
on the OneDrive for Business service page (

Note: Should one of the blocked file types duplicate a valid file type that isn't a ransomeware file,
you can log into Office 365 via a web browser, click on the OneDrive tile and
manually upload it to your OneDrive space.

It is hoped these measures will help prevent corruption of your files stored in Office 365,
via the OneDrive for Business Sync client.
Publish Date:May 18, 2017, 7:45 am
Contact:IT Support Centre