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This change will affect some laptop users that have manually set their DNS settings to use the following IP addresses:

Users can update their network DNS settings to use:

Computers that remain on the campus network, or use DHCP do not need to make these changes.


Previous Description (2014-11-21 11:22:45):

Notice of Service Change

On Thursday November 27th, access from off campus to the Queen's University Domain Name Service (DNS) servers that resolve network addresses ending in AD.QUEENSU.CA will be removed. On campus computers and servers will not be affected by this change.
DNS servers that will no longer provide this service off campus:
Users who connect to a Queen's University computer from home using: will have to reconfigure their connection. ITS has created a Remote Desktop Gateway Service which can be used to connect to resources on campus. The information regarding this configuration can be found at:
Other Services that are hosted outside of Queen's may be affected if they use the name resolution of Those services should contact the support center for further details.
If you have questions regarding this change you can contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613-533-6666 during regular business hours, or by filling out the online help form here:

Thank you
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