ITServices Customer Satisfaction Survey

Qualitative Analysis of Service Improvements

Respondents were provided with the option to list three most important service improvements. The most important service improvements, occurring with the most frequency, are presented here. Of the 530 responses to the survey, 259 customers submitted service improvements.


Most Important Service Improvement Categories

Most frequent comments or suggestions

Support Improvements

Expand support to include “on site” assistance within departments; mechanisms for faster or express entry into 2nd or 3rd level support; expand variety of supported services and resources.

Network Improvements

Expanded wireless network accessibility to additional buildings, and between buildings in outside spaces, across campus; develop new mechanisms where campus wireless signal strength and reliability can be monitored/assessed and fixed more efficiently.


Update online phone directory; expanded search capability and usability (include affiliations/titles, reverse look up, sounds like, etc.); explore ways to more efficiently deliver services for optimal turnaround time.

Communication Improvements

Respondents expressed a lack of awareness of some services listed on the survey (they requested more direct communication and introductory level description of services/tools); earlier notice of planned outages, service interruptions (mass voice mail notice), and service changes/advice (e.g. email migration); campus-wide clear “1. What and 2. Step-by-step how to” emails regarding viruses.