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Managing Resources

This tutorial teaches you how to manage resources in the Outlook Web App.





Request a Calendar Resource (Add/Change/Delete)


Your ITAdmin Rep must make the request to have a resource added, changed or deleted from the Exchange server. The request form to do this is found in the Restricted Resources page.


Recommended Resource Management


The steps listed below are ITServices’ recommended configurations, and they will meet the needs of most individuals. If you require greater granularity when managing your resources, please contact the IT Support Centre filling out the online help form or by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours.


Resources need to be configured in two separate places. The first place is from the options within your account (known as a mailbox in Exchange), and the second is from the resource’s mailbox.

NOTE: It is important to always do configurations in your account first, then from the resource’s account. Options that are changed in your account will affect options in the resource’s account.


Resource Delegates


Resource managers are individuals who have the ability to add resource delegates. If there are no delegates, the resource manager also acts as the resource delegate.


Resource delegates:


  • have the Editor role. This means they can see the full details of all meetings, as well as add, modify and delete any meetings in the resource’s calendar.

  • are responsible for accepting or declining all requests for the resource. If the resource manager wishes to still receive meeting requests for the resource, they must also add themselves to the delegate list.

  • cannot add other people as delegates or configure any resource permissions.

ITServices recommends against the use of delegates. Setting the resource to automatically accept or reject meeting invitations, and then specifying the people who are allowed to book the resource, is a clean way to manage a resource, without email for every request.


Configuring your Resource


  1. Configurations from your mailbox:

    • Log in to, ensuring the checkbox beside “Use the light version of Outlook Web App” is unchecked.
    • In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click  Options  and choose  See All Options
    • On the right-hand side of the screen, choose Manage your organization

    • Enter all or part of the resource name and press Enter.

    • Double-click the name of the resource you wish to manage.

    • Click on any heading to expand/collapse the fields within it. 

    • After your changes are made, click the Savebutton at the bottom of the window.

    • This image displays the Manage your organization button
  2. The following changes are recommended:


    Any information you enter here will be populated in the GAL (Global Address List), so be descriptive and let people know about any features or equipment in your room (whiteboard, projector, etc.).

    Mail Tip

    A Mail Tip appears at the top of a meeting request when someone selects a resource, provided the Mail Tip has been configured. This short message is very useful if you need to let people know something about the resource before they try to book it. Perhaps the resource is not bookable by the entire Queen’s community or there are other options or restrictions.

    Booking Options

    A resource can automatically accept or decline requests (known as Auto- Attendant) or send every request to a delegate(s) of your choice. More on this option is found in the “Resource Delegates” section. We recommend against the use of delegates.


    NOTE: If you turn on Auto-Attendant and leave people in the Delegates section, these individuals will still have the Editor role for that resource. You must remove any delegates if you do not want those people to have this role.

    NOTE: If you need to have any of the greyed out fields in this area changed (e.g. resource name or capacity), your ITAdmin Rep should submit the Request a Calendar Resource (Add/Change/Delete) form found in the ITAdmin Rep Restricted Resources area of the ITServices website. 

  3. Configurations from the Resource’s Mailbox:

    • From the Manage My Organization interface in the previous section, click My Mail, found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Click your name, and type the name or part of the name of the resource.
      TIP: In most cases, resources start with the departmental abbreviation of the group that manages them. For example, all ITServices resources start with “ITS”.
    • You will see a list of resources appear as you type if you have previously opened it. If you have not accessed the resource before, type part of the name, click Openand you will see a list of resources that match what you’ve typed.
    • Select the desired resource and click Open.
      If you have never accessed that resource before, you will see a screen similar to the login screen you started at:
    • Click OK. 

    • This is an image of the resource login screen for users accessing the resource for the first time 
  4. You are now in the resource's mailbox.

    • TIP: This page can be bookmarked. When you return to your page, you will be prompted to log in. Simply use your regular NetID credentials and you will be back in the resource's mailbox.
    • In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click Options and choose See All Options.
    • From the left-hand menu, choose Settings.
    click settings to see thiss settings screen
  5. The Settings screen above will appear:
    • On the left-hand side of the main screen, there are Scheduling Optionsthat control some behaviours and availability of the resource. Ensure the box for Automatically process meeting requests and cancellations is checked.
    • On the right-hand side of the main screen, there are three Scheduling Permissions available. Choose the options that are most appropriate to your requirements. If you are using Auto-Attendant, the second and third options will allow for moderated resource booking.
      TIP: Choosing "Select users and groups" for a booking option, but not entering any users or groups, is the same as saying "no one".
    • If you would like a select group of people to book or request the resource, click Select One or More...
      • You will see the GAL open up. Search for the individual(s) or Distribution Group you would like to have access to that scheduling permission and add them. We refer to this role as the "can book me" people.
        NOTE: If you add a Distribution Group that you do not manage, be aware that the members of that group could change without your knowledge, thus affecting who has access to the resource.
      • Click OK.
        NOTE: Anyone who is added in a "Select users and groups" option has access to the free/busy time of the resource (this is default behaviour), in addition to the subject and location of meetings.
    • If you like, you can add a response message by selecting the checkbox under the Response Message section of the page. This response will be sent to both accepted and declined invitations, so keep this in mind when crafting your response message.
    • Click Save

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