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Shared Mailbox


A shared mailbox is a special email account that allows multiple individuals to read and respond to the email received in the account through their own email account.  If desired, responses can come from the shared mailbox - not the person responding to the email.   A shared mailbox is not owned by the person or persons who receive and respond to the email; it is owned by the department (or organization). Permissions to access the shared mailbox are controlled by the department.    


Rather than log into the account itself, the user is given permissions to access the account.  They configure their email client (Outlook Web App (OWA) and Outlook) to access the account, logging in with their own NetID and password..  When they respond to an email, instead of the from field containing their name, it will contain the name of the account. 


Shared mailboxes are the preferred setup to use when multiple people will be checking incoming email.  Examples of when a shared mailbox may be used are:  email address for web pages, email addresses for special events, or a generic email address for a department or group.


Since the shared mailbox is accessed through the users own email account there is no need to remember an additional NetID login and password. Permission to access the shared mailbox is required and it can only be accessed once the user logs in through their own NetID and password. When someone, given access, leaves the department/group their permissions to the shared mailbox can be removed.  Their own email account remains untouched.


A shared mailbox is also published in the Global Address List (GAL)


Creating a Shared Mailbox


A shared mailbox can be requested and managed by the IT Admin Rep. Once the shared mailbox has been created, your IT Admin Rep will give you the particulars for the account.  Once you have this information follow the instructions to access the shared mailbox using  OWA or Outlook. 


Please see your IT Admin Rep to get access to a shared mailbox.


Supported Email Clients


  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Outlook 2010 (Windows)
  • Outlook 2013 (Windows)
  • Outlook 2011 (OS X)

    *Note* - Apple Mail does not currently support shared mailboxes






IT Admin Rep Tutorials


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