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Queen's University

Access a Shared Mailbox through OWA


  1. Log into OWA
    • Use your own NetID and Password (Not the NetID and Password of the shared mailbox)
  2. OWA will open displaying your email
    • Click the down arrow beside your name
    • The Open Other Mailbox screen will open
    • Enter the name of the shared mailbox.  As you enter the name you will be able to choose from mailboxes that match what your are entering
    • Click the Open... button
  3. The shared mailbox will open
    • The layout for the mailbox is the default of OWA.  You personalize it through the Options menu
    • The name of the shared mailbox is displayed at the top
    • The left navigation menu has the Inbox, Sent items, etc for the shared mailbox
    • Email message received are displayed in the inbox
    • Reply to a message as you normally would
    • Create a new message by selecting New
  4. To return to your personal mailbox
    • Click the down arrow beside the shared mailbox name
    • In the Select Mailbox field enter your NetID
    • Select your name as it appears
    • Click the Open button
  5. Switch between mailboxes as needed. See steps 2 and 4 above.


Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000