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Student Email at Queen’s


What’s so great about the cloud


For Students


Microsoft Office 365 has a feature-rich web interface and integrates seamlessly with mobile devices. Because it’s hosted in the cloud it offers a 25GB – yup, a 25GB!! – mailbox.


That’s 250 x more storage and that’s a win for students.


For the Environment


A study of a medium-sized university1 found that hosting data on campus uses about 9,000,000 kWhrs of energy and that produces about 12,000,000 pounds of carbon.2 It would take approximately 4,000 acres of Douglas firs to absorb the resulting emissions.3


As a result of hosting student email in the cloud, ITServices will retire six servers and students will be able to use more efficient devices. These are great steps in Queen’s commitment to living green.4


Microsoft also has a commitment to living green and is working toward being carbon neutral.5


For the Bottom Line


Power, security, maintenance, storage and hardware are expensive.


Microsoft hosts Office 365 at zero additional cost for data storage. That’s why many Canadian universities are now offering email in the cloud.


And in 2013... 25,000 Queen’s undergrads will be in the cloud too.


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