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Queen's University


Fundamental Improvements to Network Infrastructure


ITServices is working to make major changes to the Queen’s network.


Five Fundamental Actions




In Spring 2012, the operating system was upgraded on our two core network switches. As well, an older, third switch was retired and its traffic was re-routed via the two core switches.




In Summer 2012, we completed an inventory audit and analyzed the current configuration.




In this case, redundancy is a good thing.  Currently, most of our campus buildings only have a single connection to one of the core network switches and that means that a small problem affects everyone. Next, we will create back up paths that will fill in should the primary system fail.




How do we create redundancy?  By redesigning the VLANs.

A VLAN (virtual local area network) is a grouping of IP addresses. VLANs are used to manage the flow of network traffic, and we are redesigning them to have more connections.




Completing the work of Steps 1-4 will set the stage for us to optimize our network routing and evaluate how our current bandwidth is managed. This will  further add to the resilience of the network.

More connectivity. Fewer outages.

These fundamental improvements will result in fewer unplanned outages. It also means that the network will have redundancy in place, creating more opportunities for planned system maintenance that does not disrupt as many campus locations. 

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