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Queen's Managed Mobile Plans

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers the Queen's Managed Mobile Plans exclusively for the Queen's Community. In collaboration with Telus mobility, these plans offer significant savings when compared to most consumer cell phone and data plans. Details of each plan are presented below.

Signing up is easy! Once you have decided which plan best suits your needs, fill out an order form and submit it. A representative of the Queen's Managed Mobile Plan Team will contact you when your phone arrives.


Departmental managed phone plans are available starting at $30/month (taxes included) on an 18 month term. Data plans for hubs and tablets are also available.

  • Departmental plans must be ordered by your ITAdmin Rep, as they are authorized to commit the departmental funds to an 18 month contract and hardware liability.
  • The administrator will be provided detailed billing upon request only when an overage has occurred and the department is paying for the overages.

Departmental Managed Mobile Plan Details

Personal managed phone plans are available on an 18 month term. Data plans for hubs and tablets are also available.

  • Personal plans may be ordered by employees, graduate students, international students and students with a financial need.  You must have a current Queen's NetID and a credit card in your name to apply for this service.
  • This administrator will be provided access to the detailed billing information upon request.

Personal Managed Mobile Plan Details

Additional Information

Service Commitment

ITS Commitment:

  • ITS will represent the account holder in all transactions with Telus Mobility.
  • ITS will audit usage to ensure that any overages charged to our account by Telus are legitimate charges.
  • Should your phone need to be repaired or if it is lost or stolen, ITS will loan you a similar phone free of charge until your phone is repaired or you have reached your 18 month renewal.
  • ITS will not supply detailed monthly billing.
  • ITS will provide the account holder with detailed records for the purpose of auditing an overage charge.
  • The data on our plan is pooled and consequently users cannot be notified when data allotment is exceeded. ITS will notify users if they have gone over the previous month's data via email, with the intention of preventing recurrence in the future. Repeatedly exceeding data limits will result in overages charged at $0.05/MB.
  • When you are no longer a current member of Queen’s University, ITS will allow you to remain on the Queen’s Managed Mobile Plan until you have fulfilled your 18 month contract.
  • ITS will help you transfer your phone number out of the Queen’s Managed Mobile Plan on the 18 month anniversary with no exit fees.
  • ITS will allow you to purchase your hardware for the price Queen’s has paid for the device.

Account Holder Commitment:

  • I have ownership of the payment method I will be using to make the monthly phone payments and commit to the advertised rate for 18 months.
  • I commit to paying any overages that may occur through the use of my mobile plan.
  • I understand that the Queen’s Managed Mobile Plan is subsidized by the university and that the hardware loaned to me is my responsibility. If I should lose the phone I will repay Queen’s their purchase price.
  • I will return the hardware loaned to me in working condition at the end of my 18 month contract.
  • I commit to pay for the repair of any damages to the hardware, only up to the Queen’s purchase price of the hardware.
  • If I have paid an upgrade fee, I understand that only a portion and possibly none of that fee will be credited back to me in 18 months, based on the condition and value of the used hardware.
  • I have permission of the phone user to make the payments and audit personal phone records for the purpose of verifying any additional charges.
  • I understand that I may have access to personal phone records upon request, and will keep this information confidential.
  • I have read and understand what is included in the monthly plan, and the potential overage charges that may occur.
18 Month Phone Renewal

Our plans (when we have included the phone) have an 18 month renewal cycle where you have the opportunity to renew your plan for another 18 months and receive a new phone to use.

  • When you renew your plan, you are required to return your current phone.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase your existing phone at the market rate and remain on our plan.
Contract Cancellation

Contract cancellation procedures and fees will vary depending on where you are in your contract and what carrier you want to move to.

  • There are no fees to cancel your contract after 18 months. We will need to be notified to authorize the porting of the phone number and you will have the option to purchase your phone from us at a discount, or return it in working order.
  • If you are porting to another mobile carrier before 18 months, you will be required to pay $15.75 for each month you are leaving early. We will need to be notified to authorize the porting of the phone number and you will have the option to purchase your phone from us at a discount, or return it in working order.
User Obligations

Users of the Queen's Managed Mobile Plans must adhere to the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework. Failure to comply may result, at a minimum, with a suspension of service.

All devices containing university data must be secure. This includes university owned devices and your personal device if it is synced with your Queen's email and calendar, or contains any other information belonging to the university.  ITS offers a free encryption service for faculty and staff. Visit the Encryption Service tutorials  for more information on how to encrypt your device, or contact the  IT Support Centre for assistance.

For more information see Data Security & Encryption - Rules for Storing Data On Mobile Devices (PDF, 977 KB)