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Information Technology Services

What are Class Mailing Lists

ITS supports several types of Class Mailing Lists that are designed to make electronic communication with your students efficient and easy. ITS will create a list for your class and notify you as soon as it is ready. Faculty members and students who use a Class Mailing List enjoy:

  • Password protected access to archives via the world wide web for viewing or contributing.
  • Searchable archives, so students can get immediate access to information sent by the Instructor or search on a Date range or for the Subject of a particular mail.
  • Choice of a web or email interface to communicate with the list, i.e., instructors can select to have mail delivered immediately to students' personal mailboxes or be stored on the Class List web page for reading by students later.
  • Faculty members may select a web interface to add, delete or set other options for their students or use the traditional email commands.
  • Membership on a Mailing List with other faculty members who use class mailing lists. The list, OWNERS-L, is for faculty members to ask questions, discuss issues related to the use of Mailing Lists in Education or provide comments on how ITS can make class mailing lists more efficient to use.

Some types of Class Mailing Lists include:

  • Announce Only: Used by faculty to send information to each student in his or her class. One way communication to students.
  • Discussion: Used by faculty and students to discuss class material, projects or for questions and answers. Two way communication very similar to a chat.
  • Moderated:Used by faculty where instructors can preview and approve contributions from students for distribution to the rest of the class.

To create a mailing list for a class, someone must first be designated to manage them (Class Mailing List Coordinator), especially in departments where faculty members do not teach the same course from year to year.

To create a mailing list for a class, click on the form Create A Mailing List for a Class on Listserv's Home Page. Once created, a Class Mailing List is never deleted until ITS is informed that the course is no longer offered by your department. Class Mailing Lists can be updated by an instructor or by the class mailing list coordinator by completing the Update an Existing Class Mailing List for a New Term  form when a mailing list is needed. Visit the Policy for Class Lists at Queen's University page to read more information about Class Mailing Lists at Queen's.