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Copyright Information for Mailing Lists

Contributions Sent To Mailing Lists and Copyright Ownership

This page contains guidelines regarding contributions sent to Listserv mailing lists at Queen's University and copyright information and ownership. These guidelines are based on ITS' interpretation of University policy on intellectual property contained in, Report of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Intellectual Property (1992) and on the Copyright Act. These guidelines in no way supersede the above policy or legislation.

Listserv Mailing List Archives at Queen's University should be considered a Collective Work. A "Collective Work" under the Copyright Act is defined as, "(c) any work written in distinct parts by different authors, or in which works or parts of works of different authors are incorporated;" (Source: R.S., c. C-42, s. 2.,

Copyright Ownership and Listserv Mailing Lists

  • Listserv Mailing List Services is a service offered by Information Technology Services (ITS) to the Queen's campus and to the larger electronic community. It is our expectation that each individual who posts material to any of our mailing lists has the right to do so as creator and/or legal copyright holder, or has obtained explicit permission to forward material from the creator and/or legal copyright holder.
  • Queen's University does not own the material contained in individual email messages sent to Listserv mailing lists at Queen's by the acts of (1) storing email messages in Listserv mailing list archives, (2) storing email messages on both permanent and temporary backup devices owned by Queen's University.
  • The material contained in each individual email message posted to a mailing list at Queen's is owned by the creator and/or by the legal copyright holder of the material.
  • Only the creator and/or legal copyright holder of the material in an email message sent to a Listserv mailing list at Queen's can grant explicit permission to another to copy, publish, sell, perform or reproduce their material.
  • Permission by omission is not explicit permission. In other words, failure to respond to an email request for permission to copy, publish, perform, sell or reproduce material in an email message in a mailing list archive at Queen's does NOT constitute "explicit permission" on the part of the copyright holder.

Please contact the Listserv Postmaster at the address below if you have any questions regarding the appropriate use of mailing list archives: Lstadm@Post.QueensU.Ca