Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

How To Get Help

Help for Faculty and Staff List Owners

Contact The ITS' IT Support Centre (ITSC)

Please use the following two methods to contact the IT Support Centre with a question/problem regarding your Mailing Lists:

  1. Phone the IT Support Centre at 533-6666 (36666).
  2. Submit a problem using the  ITSC Help Form

When using the web submission form please remember to include the following information: 1) "cut & paste" any error you are seeking help with and 2) provide the correct name of your mailing list.

Help for Subscribers on Mailing Lists

In all cases, The List Owner of a particular list is the person you should contact. You can always reach the List Owners of a mailing list by sending email to Listname-L-Request@Lists.QueensU.Ca
where Listname is the name of a particular mailing list.

Example: If the name of your mailing list is psyc456-l, address your email to:

Online Help Resources

  • The Mailing List Documentation and Information
    These web pages contain Queen's local introductory documentation (What is? questions, definitions, tips, standard notices to new List Owners), Manuals, Guides, as well as links to Lsoft information and external resources.
  • The Online Mailing List FAQ
    ITS has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions that List Owners have asked most frequently. >/li>
  • The OWNERS-L List
    Search the archives of the OWNERS-L mailing list to see if your problem has been solved here. The OWNERS-L mailing list is provided by ITS as a forum to List Owners for discussion of how best to manage mailing lists. As a List Owner, you should already be on the OWNERS-L List as this is where ITS sends notices that may have an impact on your mailing lists, e.g., upgrades, scheduled server downtime, etc. If you are not a member of this list, you can join now by clicking on the link, Join the OWNERS-L List.
  • The LSoft ListServ Documentation
    This is the online documentation available from the publisher.