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What is a Listserv Password For?

A Listserv password, once registered, is your personal password that corresponds with your email address that is stored in Listserv's internal files. Most lists on the Queen's server have been set up to require validation of some commands by using your personal password.

If you are a List Owner , you must set a personal password in order to manage your list. This is a security feature which prevents someone from pretending to be you and, for example, removing everyone on your list, deleting your list archives or defacing your list home page.

If you are a subscriber on a mailing list , you will need to set a personal password in order to gain access to password protected list archives, to change your settings via the web or to use web forms that require authentication.

When you provide your email address and personal password on a web form, the server looks to see if your email address should have access, i.e., is your email address a subscriber on the list or is your email address listed as a List Owner of the list. The server then looks up the personal password you provided to see if it matches the one stored with your email address. If there is a match, the command or request you made will be processed. If not, an error will be displayed. These errors are often a result of typing mistakes because your password is not displayed when you type it on the form.

If you have not already set a personal password, or if you have forgotten your password, you can set one right now by clicking on Set My Password Now.

Once you complete the form, you will receive email from Listserv asking you to confirm your new password. You can confirm your password by going to the URL provided in mail, or simply reply to the mail, deleting all the text, and just type the word  OK as the only text of your mail.

Error Setting a Password and Using a Password: You will be asked to type in your email address  when registering your password and on the Login screen when trying to use your password to Login to your list. Please note that in all cases the phrase "your email address" literally means your email address, which should also be the designated List Owner email address of your list. It does NOT mean, the email address of your mailing list. The only time you should use the email address of your mailing list is when you want to address an email message to your subscribers using your email software.