Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Register A New Listserv Password

Whether you are a new list owner setting your Listserv password for the first time, or you own a Listserv and have forgotten your Listserv password the process is the same.

Get  a New Listserv password

  1. Go to the Register LISTSERV Password page
    • In the Email Address: field enter the email address you will use to log in to Listserv.  This must be the email address that you is registered as an owner. 
    • In the Password: field enter the password to use with LISTSERV.  Note:  this is NOT the NetID password
    • In the Password (Again): field re-enter the password.  Do not copy and paste the password.  If you made a typo, it would be copied
    • Click the Register Password button 


  2. The Confirmation Sent screen will open
    • Your password needs to be activated before it can be used. 
    • LISTSERV will send an email to your email address.  It will only take a couple of minutes.


  3. Open the email from Queen's University LISTSERV Server (16.0) 
    • to activate your password click the link provided


  4. The email address and password that you will use to log into Listserv are now registered.  You can now log in. 
    • Go to:
    • In the Email Address: field enter your email address
    • In the Password: field enter the listserv password you created 
    • Click the  Log In button


  5. Now you should be able to manage the mailing list with your updated email address.