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Queen's University


Change of Email Addresses for Listserv Subscribers


In 2007, Queen’s email service was moved from the server to a newer service, and email addresses changed to the current” format. Since then, ITServices has maintained a "forward" on all mail sent to an address so that it would be delivered to the corresponding mailbox.


Provisions were also made for Listserv so that List Owners did not need to convert their subscribers’ email addresses to the new format. Instead, Listserv was configured with an alias that allowed it to treat email from either address as belonging to the same subscriber.


However, plans are now underway to phase out the @post email service. In preparation for this, we will be converting the old @post addresses, and removing the alias for Listserv that treats and addresses the same. This will be done in two stages:


Stage 1: Tuesday, August 13 at 6:30 a.m.

All subscriptions using an email address that have a corresponding Exchange account will be converted to its equivalent.


Subscriptions that belong to expired accounts will be deleted. This will save List Owners a lot of onerous housekeeping and reduce email delivery errors in future.


There will be a brief interruption of service when Listserv will be unavailable. The outage is expected to last only a few minutes, during which all mail will be queued and delivered once service resumes.


Stage 2: Tuesday, August 20 at 6:30 a.m.


We will be removing the alias that allows Listserv to treat addresses as addresses. Once again, there will be a brief outage and mail will be queued and delivered upon resumption of service.

This change will have no impact on list owners of Queen's Listserv mailing lists. Your subscribers will experience no effect.

IMPORTANT - Impact to subscribers of other external Listserv mailing lists (those not hosted at

On any other Listserv mailing list where you are subscribed with your email address, after August 20, you will be able to log in to these Listserv services and change your subscription to your current email address. If you require help updating your email subscription, you can contact the list owner.


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