Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Deleting Unused Filespaces on the TSM Server

Data is stored on the TSM Backup server in disk images referred to as filespaces. Each computer is given a unique name, which is reflected in the name of the backup image stored on the TSM server. The filespace name is in the format:

\\\$ as in \\FredDobbs\c$

One of the more common problems of excess data occurs when a user switches computers. The old disk image is retained on the server and it is either deleted by the user or the TSM Administrator.

To determine what is being stored for a particular TSM node, please contact the IT Support Centre.

An email message will be sent to the contact person for that node, containing the status information for the particular TSM node.

To delete an unused filespace:

  1. Start TSM
  2. Choose Utilities from the pull down menu at the top of the window
  3. Select Delete Filespaces
  4. The Delete Filespaces screen will open
    • Click on the grey box beside the desired filespace
    • A check mark will appear
    • After all the desired filespaces have been selected, click on the Delete button
    • You will be prompted as to whether or not you wish to delete the selected filespace

    Delete File Screen in TSM