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Your First Backup and Confirming Your Exclusion List (TSM v5.4 - v6.1)

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that their files are being backed up. If you choose to use Exclude statements, it is your responsibility to ensure that what you want backed up is actually being backed up. Additionally, you should review what you are excluding every time you add new software to your computer, as these files could be affected by the Exclude statements.

After your first back up is complete, you should confirm your exclusion list is correct, and is backing up your documents and email. This confirmation can be done by running a Restore to see if your files are indeed on the backup server.

Note: There is no need to backup applications files (/Applications/) or the operating system (OS) files (/System/). It is safer and easier to reinstall the OS and applications then restoring them from backup.

  1. Start TSM by clicking on TSM Tools for Administrators
  2. Select Tivoli Storage Manager and press OK. The other options are for scheduled backup which require you to speak to the TSM Administrator to arrange for a scheduled backup.  It will also require you to create a TSM.PWD file (not covered in this document).
  3. Login into TSM, using the NODENAME and password that the TSM Administrator gave you.
    Important: Each Mac OS X Computer requires a unique NODENAME.
  4. Click on Backup icon on the Main screen.
  5. This will show the backup panel, click on the triangle to expose the local hosts.
  6. Highlight the hard drive (or sub-folder) to see list of files excluded. Open the Triangle on the hard drive (or sub-folder) to see additional sub folders that are excluded.
  7. The suggested exclude list shown above, excludes all Applications stored in the Application folder, Developers tools (not always installed), Trash, OS X system files and cache/temporary files.  By default each User on OS X has a directory inside the Users folder. This is the folder where your personal documents should be stored. Open the Users folder and check out what is being backed up.
  8. To change the Exclude list, highlight the item and press the exclude Exclude Icon icon or include Include icon icon, located on the tool bar, to toggle the setting. See the Include-Exclude Files tutorial for more information.
  9. Once setup, simply Press the Backup button. TSM by default does an incremental backup (which is what you want).

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